Park Spotlight: Mercer Botanic Gardens

Photo courtesy of The Mercer Society

In our Park Spotlight series, we take a closer look at Houston’s vast array of public recreational areas to shine a light on hidden and not so hidden gems. This week we’ll be spotlighting the Mercer Botanic Gardens. Join us as we take a trip through Houston, park by park.

Located in 30 minutes from Downtown Houston in the Humble Area, the Mercer Botanic Garden is an ever-changing showcase of diversity that spans over 300 acres of woodland sanctuary.

Holding the region’s largest collection of native and cultivated plants, the gardens are a living natural history museum, home to a wealth of animal life that depends on the plants and habitat found within its boundaries.

Visitors can stop in early, pack for a picnic, and enjoy exploring the vast acreage among native and cultivated plants, butterflies, birds, and at times, special seasonal events.

Photo courtesy of The Mercer Society

Mercer Botanic Garden

Photo courtesy of The Mercer Society
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