Double dip on Father’s Day with Antone’s special 2-for-1 sandwich offer

Super Original Sandwich | Photo courtesy of Antone's Famous Po'Boys

Share a sandwich with Dad at Antone’s Famous Po’ Boys two Houston restaurants, with their buy one, get one (BOGO) free offer on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17, 2018.

Dig in this Father’s Day when you order any of Antone’s five traditional po’ boys, including The Piggy Sandwich.

The Father’s Day BOGO Po’ Boy special is only available at Antone’s West Loop (11am to 5pm) and North Loop (11am to 4pm) restaurants. It’s limited to one order per customer.

Antone’s 5 Traditional Po’Boys

  • The Original – Tried and true, Antone’s very first po’ boy boasts ham, salami, provolone cheese, chow chow relish, mayo, and pickles on Royal Bakery po’ boy bread. $5.95.
  • Super Original – If you’re really hungry, take the Original and go big, adding extra meat and cheese. $6.95.
  • Turkey & Swiss – This longtime favorite features oven-roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, mayo, and sweet bread and butter pickles on Royal Bakery po’ boy bread. $6.95.
  • Tuna – A savory go-to sandwich, this tasty meal is filled with delicious house-made tuna salad, provolone, and pickles on Royal Bakery po’ boy bread. $6.95.
  • The Piggy – The newest addition to Antone’s traditional po’ boy lineup, The Piggy features ham, salami, provolone and pepperjack cheese, mayo, Pickapeppa sauce, dill pickles, herbs, and spices on Royal Bakery po’ boy bread. $5.95.

This offer is only valid at Antone’s two restaurant locations, in the Galleria area and on T C Jester just north of the Loop, on Father’s Day, Sunday, July 17, 2018.

About Antone’s Famous Po’ Boys

Founded in 1962 as Antone’s Import Co. by Jalal Antone, the original Antone’s market catered primarily to the city’s Syrian and Lebanese immigrants long before generations of Houstonians grew smitten with the restaurant’s unique po’ boys and other delicious dishes.

Four of Antone’s traditional sandwiches are available at approximately 200 grocery outlets throughout Texas (HEB, Randalls, and Kroger), in addition to broader menu items at their two standalone Houston locations on the West Loop and North Loop, and Antone’s grab-and-go kiosks (weekday only) in Greenway Plaza and the Downtown Tunnels.

Note that this Father’s Day Special is not available at the grab-and-go kiosks given that they’re closed on weekends.

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Father’s Day 2018 Special at Both Antone’s Famous Po’ Boys Restaurants

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