Park Spotlight: River Oaks Park

Photo courtesy of the Houston Parks Board

In our Park Spotlight series, we take a closer look at Houston’s vast array of public recreational areas to shine a light on hidden and not so hidden gems. This week we’ll be spotlighting River Oaks Park. Join us as we take a trip through Houston, park by park.

Located in the heart of its eponymous neighborhood, the fanciful River Oaks Park offers visitors a wide array of amenities including a lit sports field and trail for hiking/cycling, basketball and sand volleyball courts, a community center, and an enclosed playground with very thoughtfully designed equipment.

Established in 1938, the 5-acre park affectionately known as Pumpkin Park most notably features a fairytale pumpkin carriage playground plucked straight out of the Disney Cinderella story.

The kid-centric park’s enclosed pumpkin playground features both a small and larger playground with tire swings, slides, miniature rock walls, monkey bars and more.

Photo courtesy of the Houston Parks Board

The Wishing Trees 

Located near the gated playground, kids and adults alike can take part in the whimsical Wishing Trees project.

The project features a slew of small trees chock-full of Christmas tree ornament-styled notes hung up from past visitors who have taken the time to write down their own hopes and dreams.

Everything you would need to participate in the project is located near the Wishing Trees, so if you’re up for it, wish upon a star.

River Oaks Park 

Photo courtesy of the Houston Parks Board
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