My Top 5: Pitmaster & Feges BBQ Co-Founder Patrick Feges

Photo: Julie Soefer

Our My Top 5 series people shaping Houston’s culture and character, asking them to share their own favorites ways to enjoy and explore the greater Houston metro area. This week, we’re pleased to feature pitmaster Patrick Feges, who recently opened a storefront for his popular barbecue catering business Feges BBQ in Greenway Plaza.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Patrick Feges

  1. Bad News Bar – The staff is very talented, and the drinks are amazing. I love the vibe of the old building and the patio overlooking Main Street.
  2. Coltivare – Every time we go, we see other restaurant people dining there. That’s how you know it’s good. Chef Ryan Pera is an amazing chef, and Morgan Weber runs an exceptional bar program.
  3. Maple Leaf Pub – I’ve been going there for years. It’s a fun, low-key place to drink Lonestar tallboys and play darts. And the vibe there during the NHL playoffs is insane.
  4. Terry Hershey, Brays Bayou, and Buffalo Bayou bike trails – Houston is a beautiful city, in its own way. Going for a long bike ride is a great way explore our city, and these are some of the best routes.
  5. Truth BBQ in Brenham – It’s your quintessential roadside barbecue shack and, in my opinion, the best barbecue in Texas. Leonard Botello and Dylan Taylor practically live there four days a week to ensure the barbecue is at its best. And the cakes made by Leonard’s mom might be more popular than the barbecue.

About Patrick Feges

Known in Houston’s culinary community as the “Whole Hog Guy”, Patrick Feges is a self-taught pitmaster and Purple Heart recipient from injuries sustained during a tour in Iraq. It was during his recovery that he was hit with the barbecue bug. Armed with an old, worn-out Brinkmann smoker and plenty of tenacity, he experimented through trial and error before deciding to attend culinary school at The Texas Culinary Academy, the Cordon Blue, in Austin. He launched Feges BBQ in 2012, catering events and executing pop-ups with non-traditional smoked cuts. With his partner Erin Smith, Patrick opened Feges BBQ’s first physical location at 3 Greenway Plaza in late March 2018. 

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