Take a guided Ghost Tour of Galveston’s historic & haunted Hotel Galvez

Ghost Tour | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Sense the presence of spirits on a special guided Ghost Tour of the historic and haunted Hotel Galvez in Galveston. 

Along the seawall, you’ll find all the hallmarks of what makes Galveston such an enjoyable stay. The gorgeous sky paintings when the sun sets and rises, the jostling waves crashing on the sandbar, and throngs of people out enjoying life on the island.

However, the island carries a tragic past. Traces of the most renown tragedy dot the seawall, where you’ll find memorials of the catastrophic hurricane of 1900 that claimed several thousand lives. And, tucked away in the island’s historic Hotel Galvez, there are other stories that send shivers down the spine.

Schedules vary throughout the month, but call 409-765-7721 for tour availability or click here for upcoming dates at Hotel Galvez. Tours run year-round and reservations are required.

Hotel Galvez | Photo: Justin Jerkins

The Ghost Bride of Room 501

It was the mid-1950s and a mariner’s young fiance checked in to Room 501 of the Galvez, awaiting the return of her love. Everyday, she would climb the hotel’s turret to watch for her fiance’s ship. Then, after a billowing storm off the coast, word came back to her that the ship, and her betrothed, were lost to the depths of the sea.

In her anguish, she climbed back into the turret one last time and took her own life. They say just a few days later, her mariner love did return, after all. But there at the Galvez, he only found heartbreak.

The spirit of The Ghost Bride is only one of several stories from the hotel’s past and, thanks to the Ghost Tour Dinner at Hotel Galvez, you can explore the hotel to learn more about her and other eerie happenings that sometimes can’t be explained.  

Halls of Hotel Galvez | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Touring the Halls of Galvez

Once you arrive for your reserved ghost tour, guests are welcome to treat themselves at the tasteful bar near the front doors. Cocktails in hand, the hotel’s concierge takes you and your group through the hotel, stopping at various landmarks that carry a ghostly past.

During that tour, you’ll discover the ever-watchful eyes of Bernardo de Galvez, for whom the island is named, following you around the halls from his painting. Touring around the fifth floor, you might stop by the unsettling room of The Ghost Bride and learn about the haunted going-ons that turn some guests into believers.

Accompanying your tour stops, the host will share strange and sometimes unnerving images sent in by former guests and employees that capture odd occurrences from around the hotel premises. Bring along your own camera and you just might end up with something to add to future tours.

Finally, wrapping up your tour will take you to the dining hall, where your pre-tour dinner selections will be ready. Take a moment to relax, unwind with a glass of wine, and enjoy your meal — if you managed to keep your appetite.

hotel-galvez-ghost-tour-3-Halloween 1912 (2)
Halloween 1912 | Photo courtesy of Hotel Galvez

Ghost Tour Tips

If you want to take the ghost tour but don’t have a room reservation, no problem. The tour is open to non-guests, as well.

Including dinner, tours run from 6pm to around 8pm. Cost is $56 per person (includes tax and dinner gratuity).

For an added bonus, keep an eye on the radar brought along by the concierge. It detects electromagnetic activity, a clue that you might be in the presence of spirits.

Hotel Galvez Ghost Tour in Galveston

  • Location: 2024 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550
  • Reservations: Call 409-765-7721 for availability or click here for upcoming dates at Hotel Galvez. Tours run year-round, but reservations are required.
  • Hours: Including dinner, tours run from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Admission: Cost is $56 per person (includes tax and dinner gratuity)
Photo courtesy of Galveston Historical Society
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