Most Popular Event This Weekend: Friday the 13th on the Block at Violet Tiger in Montrose

Photo courtesy of Violet Tiger

At the end of each week, our Most Popular Event This Weekend weekly series showcase a single Houston event based upon its popularity in the 365 Calendar

Get your fright on at the Friday the 13th on the Block at Violet Tiger near the Montrose Curve on Friday night, October 13, 2017.

Violet Tiger Tattoo Parlor is daring folks to try their luck at a one-night block party, with live music, sweet barbecue, $20 off tattoos, a raffle for a free $1000 tattoo, games, and more.

Kicking off at 8pm, the party ends when it ends.

Choosing The Most Popular Event This Weekend

It’s simple. Our audience votes with their clicks and their eyeballs.

Each week we will be sharing what single event listing in the 365 Calendar has stood out from its competition and earned the most page views. That means the more unique views that individual calendar listing has received, the better its odds of making the cut.

Although 365 Houston advertisers are eligible to win the weekly title, they must earn it like any other event. Simply, the event listing in our calendar that’s had the highest number of views on Thursday gets the title. This is not a sponsored or paid placement.

Each week, the winner of the Most Popular Event This Weekend title will be determined based its calendar listing page view count by Thursday at noon.

Friday the 13th on the Block at Violet Tiger