Visit modern Turkey at the MFAH’s 5th Annual Turkish Film Festival

61 Days (Iftarlik Gazoz) | Film still courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Catch recent, modern films from Turkey that have been entertaining and intriguing worldwide audiences at the Turkish Film Festival at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) from Friday, October 13 through Sunday, October 15, 2017.

Featuring five new films, all released in 2016, made by talented directors, the MFAH’s Turkish Film Festival gives Houstonians a chance to experience modern life in a foreign land, and appreciate the worldwide commonalities of family, meals, childhood, and more

This year’s program includes The Turkish Way, a documentary about the rising popularity of Turkish cuisine; Blue Bicycle, a family drama about a 12-year-old’s dream to buy a new bike; and the dramas My Mother’s Wound and My Father’s Wings.

You don’t need to speak Turkish, as all films will be screened with English subtitles.

The Turkish Way | Film still courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Film & Reception Schedule 

  • 61 Days (Iftarlik Gazoz) | Friday, October 13 – Children are not allowed to fast during the holy month of Ramadan, but young Adem, who gets a job selling soda on his summer vacation, breaks tradition in this charming comedy/drama. 7pm.
  • My Father’s Wings (Babamin Kanatlari) | Saturday, October 14 – Unsafe working conditions for a group of construction workers in Istanbul affect each in different ways in filmmaker Kivanç Sezer’s debut feature. 4pm.
  • Centerpiece Reception in the North Foyer | Saturday, October 14 – Filmgoers are welcome to join special guests of the festival in the North Foyer of the Caroline Wiess Law Building between screenings of My Father’s Wings and Blue Bicycle. 6pm.
  • Blue Bicycle (Mavi Bisiklet) | Saturday, October 14 – n this acclaimed debut feature from filmmaker Ümit Köreken, a Turkish boy puts off his dream of buying a bicycle to help a fellow student. 7:30pm.
  • The Turkish Way | Sunday, October 15 – This documentary explores the culinary delights of ancient Turkey as the Roca Brothers tour the country, diving into the rich, diverse culinary cultures of one of the world’s major crossroads. 5pm.
  • My Mother’s Wound (Annemin Yarasi) | Sunday, October 15 – In a new drama based on a true story, an 18-year-old boy searches for the truth about his family—and discovers a dark past he wasn’t prepared to find. 7pm.
Blue Bicycle | Film still courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

5th Annual Turkish Film Festival at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

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