Park Spotlight: Levy Park in Upper Kirby

Observation Deck at the Playground | Photo courtesy of Levy Park Conservancy

In our Park Spotlight series, we take a closer look at Houston’s vast array of public recreational areas to shine a light on hidden and not so hidden gems. This week we’ll be spotlighting Levy Park. Join us as we take a trip through Houston, park by park.

Located in the heart of inner-city Houston near the bustling intersection of Kirby Drive and Richmond Avenue, Levy Park has long been a hidden gem in the Upper Kirby District.

As one of the only green spaces in the Upper Kirby District, this 5.6 acre tract of land was once a bustling community gathering place, but tucked between a cul-de-sac on Eastside Street and Wakeforest, Levy Park suffered from a lack of visibility and the park began to fall into a state of disrepair.

Yoga on the Activity Lawn | Photo courtesy of Levy Park Conservancy

Redeveloping a Vibrant Gathering Place

With the help of a complete overhaul and redevelopment of the area throughout 2016, Levy Park has established an exciting, community-focused, mixed-use environment within the Upper Kirby District.

Redevelopment of the park features curated, year-round programming, native landscaping, playscapes, water features, a 3000-capacity performance pavilion, an event lawn complete with table tennis and a putting green, a community garden for teaching/demonstrating, a small and large dog park, and even local food vendors parked nearby most days.

While most of the major renovations have been completed, you’re likely to find some portions of the park still a work-in-progress since its grand re-opening in February 2017.

This does little to detract visitors though, as the park has become a vibrant gathering place for the surrounding community –adding to the list of entertainment options in Upper Kirby, but more importantly giving the area a much-needed recreation space.

Click here for a complete list of information on upcoming events and more.

Children’s Slide at the Playground | Photo courtesy of Levy Park Conservancy

History of the Park

Levy Park and much of the bustling Upper Kirby District is located on land that was originally granted to transplanted east coast businessman, Allen C. Reynolds, by Mexico in 1831, five years before Houston’s founding. Levy Park was later deeded to the city by Leon Levy in 1952.

Since adopting Levy Park, The Upper Kirby Management District have beefed up their efforts for the upkeep of the park with a two-phase renovation project which has included removal of a dilapidated pool, the addition of a community garden, and a designated area for dogs.

Food Vendors at Levy Park | Photo courtesy of Levy Park Conservancy

Before You Visit

The park is located just south of Richmond Avenue between Kirby Drive and Buffalo Speedway in the Upper Kirby District of Houston and open from 8am to 10pm daily.

The area is known for its traffic jams and heavy towing, but you’re safe to park on Eastside Street, Wakeforest Avenue, and in the Kirby Grove office building at the corner of Richmond and Wakeforest Avenue.

Click here for a complete list of park information, rules and more.

Levy Park 

Climbing Wall | Photo courtesy of Levy Park Conservancy
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