My Top 5: Leslie Nguyen of Bosscat Kitchen & Libations

Photo: Julie Soefer

Each week, our My Top 5 series highlights a Houstonian who is shaping the culture of the city and making an out-sized impact on its character. In turn, each shares their own favorite things to do in Houston when not hard at work. This week, we’re pleased to feature Leslie Nguyen, co-owner and marketing director of Bosscat Kitchen & Libations, one of
Houston’s hottest whiskey bars and restaurants since opening in February 2017. The Bosscat team recently announced plans for a second Houston concept, BCK Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures, to open this fall in the Heights.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Leslie Nguyen

  1. Underbelly – It was my very first Houston dining experience when I visited
    before we decided to bring Bosscat here from Newport Beach. I had been cyber-
    stalking the restaurant on Instagram, and I was really surprised when Chris
    Shepherd came over to my table and introduced himself and started telling me all
    about Houston. It gave me a great first impression of the city, and I’ve been back
    there to eat more times than I can count.
  2. Casa de Montecristo Fine Cigars & Smoking Lounge – I go there all the time.
    They have the biggest humidor that I’ve ever seen, and the staff is really cool and
    educational. I learn something from them every time. The way cigars are made is
    almost like whiskey – how they age the leaves and dry the tobacco, kind of like a
    rick house. I love to smoke cigars, and this is where I go to get my fix.
  3. Houston’s Street Art – We didn’t have that in Orange County, at all. Orange
    County is so vanilla. Houston has so much amazing street art, whether it’s in
    Montrose, East Downtown, or even the freeway overpasses like the “Be Someone” graffiti. As a creative person myself, I really appreciate those things. I imagine the artist painting it or how they came up with the idea or how they were feeling when they were putting it together.
  4. Houston’s Oak Trees – It’s one of the things I love most about Houston. The first time I came to visit, I remember just seeing all these huge oak trees everywhere. Memorial Park, Hermann Park, and Rice University Loop all have beautiful trees, and I always stop and look at them for a while. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I’m so drawn to them. I would put one inside of Bosscat if I could.
  5. Bougatsa Dessert at Helen Greek Food and Wine – I can never remember
    how to pronounce it, but that dessert is my favorite thing in the world. It’s custard
    (I love anything custard) baked in philo dough with cinnamon sugar – it’s light,
    crunchy, it’s creamy, and it’s just extremely well balanced. It’s very dangerous, too, because you can eat the whole thing by yourself. I could eat that dessert every day and be very happy.

About Leslie Nguyen

Leslie Nguyen, AKA “Miss Bosscat”, has more than 20 years of experience in the
hospitality industry. A native of Metairie, LA, who grew up in Orange County,
California, Nguyen and business partners John Reed and Vinnie Capizzi opened the
original Bosscat Kitchen & Libations in Newport Beach in 2014. Together they
own three restaurants and counting, with a fourth concept, BCK Kitchen &
Cocktail Adventures, slated to open at 933 Studewood in the Heights this fall.
Leslie also owns and operates Miss Mini Donuts, which caters primarily to music
festivals, events, and corporate offices.