Score your own customized sign in Houston’s iconic blue tiles

Photo: 365 Houston

Order your very own custom-made blue tiles sign to adorn your favorite curb, home, or space and truly represent H-Town.

The blue and white tiles are the original street signs of Houston. Before there were signs on poles, there were tiles on curbs. 

Today many of those original signs are in disrepair, or have been destroyed by decades old (and modern) sidewalk developments.

Thanks to the Blue Tile Project (and good friends at Hay Merchant and 8th Wonder Brewery, Houston’s blue and white tiles are on the rise again.

Branding Houston with Blue Tiles

There are currently more than 3,400 blue tile street signs still remaining throughout Houston. Blue Tile Project’s mission is to Bring the blue tiles back to the Bayou City.

“The Blue Tiles are a symbol of civic pride for Houston,” said Blue Tile Project founder Joey Sanchez. ” Instead of painting on the Texas flag or the Texans logo (both beloved), blue tiles tell your neighbors that you’re a fan of Houston itself.

“If you’re a locally owned and operated business, please display blue tiles as a source of pride in your Houston roots,” added Sanchez.

Ordering Your Own Blue Tile Sign

Courtesy of the Blue Tile Project, Houstonians, Houston businesses, and other fans can now order their own custom blue tile signs, featuring their names, addresses, or any other pro-Houston message.

You order letters one character at a time, along with any added spacers needed. Once ordered, you’ll hear from Blue Tile Project with a confirmation of the spelling and correct sequence for your sign.

Your sign will arrive in partial strips, which can be laid into concrete or applied to other surfaces.

Letters are $15 each, and all funds go to support Blue Tile Project’s mission to restore and reinstate the blue and white tiles around Houston. Click here to order order signs.

Customized Houston Blue Tile Signs from Blue Tile Project 

Photo: 365 Houston
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