Park Spotlight: Texas Flag Park in Conroe

Historical Flag Park | Photo: Him Nguyen

In our Park Spotlight series, we take a closer look at Houston’s vast array of public recreational areas to shine a light on hidden and not so hidden gems. This week we’ll be spotlighting Texas Flag Park in Conroe. Join us as we take a trip through Houston, park by park.

Located in the heart of Montgomery County in Conroe, TX, the 3.5-acre Historical Flag Park and Lone Star Monument showcases the area as the birthplace of the Lone Star Flag with 13 of the many battle and rally flags that flew during Texas’s fight for independence.

Given our history as an independent nation, an educational park celebrating this historic area and the history of the state flags which flew over our state has made for a unique park to Texas.

This outdoor museum draws people from around the globe while continuing to serve as a valuable educational tool for the schoolchildren of Texas and its citizens.

Historical Flag Park | Photo courtesy of The Lone Star Monument & Historical Flag Park

About the  Historical Flag Park

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, 13 flags were hoisted to the tops of 35-foot flagpoles and set against the backdrop of a Texas sky.

These 13 have been chosen to represent the number of colonies in Texas at the time of its independence and the number of days the siege of the Alamo lasted.

Many are aware of the six national flags that flew over the Texas region but few are aware of the many flags that flew as symbols of the many volunteer organizations fighting for Texas long before the Lone Star Flag was voted and settled on by the Texas congress in 1839.

With over 50 to choose from, historian Jim Walker worked tirelessly with Stephen Hardin and Stephen Moore, noted Texas authors and historians, in choosing the flags.

Each flag has its own unique story, condensed onto individual bronze plaques.

Detail from The Texian by Craig Campobella before its cast bronze install | Photo courtesy of The Lone Star Monument & Historical Flag Park

About the Monument 

In addition to the flags, the park has two bronze statues which were conceived and sculpted by local artist Craig Campobella.

A 14-ft bronze statue known as “The Texian”, a symbol of a veteran volunteer in the Texas Revolutionary Army; brandishing a Texas flag, sits in the foreground and serves as the centerpiece for the Flag Park.

Chock full of symbolism, there are 13 rocks under The Texian’s left foot representing the 13-day siege at the Alamo and 354 painstakingly made marks in the rocks, one for each soldier massacred at Goliad.

There are 18 buttons on The Texian’s coat, shirt, and pants; each standing for every minute fought at San Jacinto and at the five o’clock position, you can see the tie and sash spell out Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, as it was approximately 5pm on April 21, 1836, when the Battle of San Jacinto came to a decisive end.

Under the right boot are nine stones, one for each Texian that died at the Battle of San Jacinto, one of which, the Santa Anna stone, is a symbol of the discomfort the Mexican general rendered to the Republic of Texas long after the glorious Battle of San Jacinto.

Sculptor Craig Campobella working on the bust of Charles B. Stewart | Photo courtesy of The Lone Star Monument & Historical Flag Park

About the Bust

Greeting visitors at the park entrance sits a bronze bust dedicated to Dr. Charles B. Stewart, the Montgomery County native credited with the design of the Lone Star Flag.

The statue rests atop a five-foot tall granite pedestal paying tribute to the gentleman credited by the Texas State Legislature for having created the iconic flag.

Dr. Stewart’s illustrious history, along with directions to his birth and burial place in Montgomery, Texas, can all be found engraved on the pedestal.

Plan Your Visit

Easily accessible from the north and south via I-45, visitors can discover Texas’ colorful past at this outdoor museum which is open to everyone seven days a week, rain or shine, with no admittance fee, and plenty of free parking.

The park, which is easy to spot, is located adjacent to the Montgomery County Library and is open daily to the public from dawn to 11pm.

After your visit, enjoy the small town appeal and historical sights that make Conroe a friendly and favorite destination.

If you find the time, check out these must do things, where to brunch, and don’t forget the nearby 22,000 acres of relaxation that is beautiful Lake Conroe.

Texas Flag Park in Conroe 

  • Location: 212 Interstate 45 N, Conroe, TX 77301 (adjacent to the Montgomery County Library)
  • Hours: Dawn to 11pm daily
  • Parking: Free lot parking is available in the surrounding area
The Texian by Craig Campobella | Photo courtesy of The Lone Star Monument & Historical Flag Park
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