My Top 5: FireDisc Cookers Co-Founder Hunter Jaggard


Each week, our My Top 5 series showcases Houston entrepreneurs, creators, and makers and shares their favorite things to do in Houston in their time off. This week at the start of the summer season, we’re very pleased to feature a special double edition featuring the co-creators of FireDisc portable grills, Hunter Jaggard and his brother Griff. Click here to see Griff Jaggard’s My Top 5.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Hunter Jaggard

  1. Roegel’s Barbecue – When we were starting FireDisc we had to drive all over the city to different fabrication shops and sales pitches. Being in the barbecue products business, every time we went we would stop at a different barbecue place for good luck. I think we have tried every single dive barbecue restaurant and trailer in the city over the years. There are some awesome places in Houston, my favorite is Roegle’s BBQ on Voss. Their sides are phenomenal, their ribs have the best flavor… but the really over-the-top thing that makes them first is the crisp layer they have on their brisket. They serve it all with a squeeze bottle of warm barbecue sauce. You can find the FireDisc crew there every couple weeks for company lunches!
  2. Biking in Fulshear – Griff and I started a bike team for Multiple Sclerosis called the Carney Men and, since its inception, we have raised more $1 million to battle MS. In developing this team and organization, we have to get every rider involved each year trained up physically to the task of riding a bicycle 150 miles over two days – and we basically only have three months to do it in each year. As a result, we have tried almost every ride and trail and formalized rides and routes in Houston. All of them are great, but these days evaluating the safety of the route is most important. Houston’s population has grown tremendously over the last five years, traffic has increased and distracted driving is a huge problem. It’s a big concern of mine not just for our team, but for every person who cycles out there. My favorite place to ride is out in Fulshear. It’s a short drive from Houston down the West Park Tollway now, with the new extension. We ride all around the roads just north of Fulshear near Hunt Road and 359. The roads are well paved, their are some great ranches to look at, and we even rode by the trail riders coming in the other day.
  3. Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift – Houston has some great spots and outfitters within a one or two-hour drive from the city. As a matter of fact, I can’t name one other city I have been to where so many outdoor adventures are so close. My favorite place to hunt or do do a cast and blast for a couple of days is Bay Flats Lodge. You can line up a guide, the accommodations are great, and they supply all the gear. There hasn’t been one time (and I have been many) where we didn’t limit out on redfish or trout and shoot a bunch of ducks.
  4. No Label Brewery in Katy – As far as cold beer goes, this is one really cool spot if you ever get time on a Saturday. It was started by a husband and wife and they have been tremendous in giving back to the community, including support for our Carney Men golf tournament. You can bring the family out there on a Saturday afternoon and they have live bands, new beer to try, and food trucks with great eats. The kids can dance around, you can bring your dog and picnic chairs. It’s a very cool atmosphere on a nice day. We have even gone there after some of our training rides and all the families will come meet us. And their beer is awesome.
  5. American Shooting Centers – An outstanding place to go with a great staff, American Shooting Centers has the best collection of skeet, trap, and rifle range options out there. They are great at hosting shooting events for corporations and non-profits, so I would recommend them for all of the above as well. It is an easy drive and they have instructors out there that know how to teach people to not only shoot, but really up their game to be great at the sport – or practice for people who are just getting into hunting so you don’t go out an embarrass yourself missing birds in the field!

About Hunter Jaggard

Hunter Jaggard is CEO of FireDisc Cookers, which he co-founded with his brother Griff. Designed for people who love the outdoors, FireDisc’s three-piece cookers are stored flat, easy to assemble, and adapt to uneven surfaces. Frustrated with a lack of dependable and reliable methods to cook meals for large groups outdoors, the brothers invented FireDisc Cookers. Born in Houston and a Texas Tech graduate, Griff lives in Katy with his wife Brittney and his daughters Aubrie Joy and Savannah Hunter.

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