My Top 5: Chef Dimitri Fetokakis of Niko Niko’s

Photo courtesy of Niko Niko's

Each week, our My Top 5 series highlights a Houstonian who is shaping the culture of the city and making an out-sized impact on its character. In turn, each shares their own favorite things to do in Houston when not hard at work. This week, with Dining Out for Life happening on Thursday, April 27, we’re very pleased to feature Dimitri Fetokakis, chef at Niko Niko’s

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Chef Dimitri Fetokakis

  1. Go Greek – Houston is home to two awesome festivals. Houston Greek Fest in May and The Original Greek Festival in October are both great celebrations of Greek culture, dancing, food, and family. If you haven’t been, both events are a must for your calendar. Our culture is one of celebration and family, and we love seeing that come alive at both events.
  2. Be a Fan – We love getting out and supporting our local teams. You’d be hard pressed to find bigger fans of the TexansRocketsAstrosDynamo and Dash than the Fetokakis family. And seeing games through your kids’ eyes – there’s nothing better. It’s also really neat for us when Greek players from around the league come into Houston with their teams. Greeks aren’t often in the big leagues, so we’re proud to wave the flag in support of those guys.
  3. Eat – Houston has such a great food scene and it’s awesome to see what everyone is putting out. I love sitting down with other chefs here in town to share experiences of running restaurants and try the latest and greatest from their kitchens.
  4. Coach Little League – My son is very involved with Spring Branch – Memorial Sports Association and I’ve been known to coach his teams. But even when I’m not, it’s so fun to see the kids learning and seeing how practice leads to success. The games get pretty competitive, but at the end of the day, the kids are learning sportsmanship and hopefully a few life lessons.
  5. Children’s Museum of Houston – We love visiting the Children’s Museum as a family. There is so much for the kids to see, touch, learn, and be part of. Our kids are several years apart, but the Children’s Museum has activities for both age groups. The staff is so great – they make learning fun for all ages.

About Chef Dimitri Fetokakis

Today, restaurateur and Chef Dimitri Fetokakis is the man behind (and the face of) Niko Niko’s, Houston’s beloved Greek restaurant. Born to Greek immigrant parents in New York, he moved to Houston with the family when he was a toddler. Living in Montrose, his parents began serving food at Niko Niko’s in 1977. The restaurant has been a focal point in Dimitri’s life ever since. In addition the oldest location in Montrose, Niko Niko’s now has additional restaurants in Market Square Park in Downtown, West Houston, and Pearland.

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