5 Things to Know Before You Go to Quest Shark Adventures’ Escape Rooms

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Band together with a team of friends, coworkers, or even strangers at Quest Shark Adventures’ brand new all-ages escape room experiences on the Southwest Freeway near The Galleria.

Since the earliest real-life room escape game was created in Silicon Valley in 2006, the number of game venues around the world has mushroomed past 3,000. The unique games and interactive puzzles have surged in popularity.

Groups of up to seven people are locked in a room and given 60 minutes to complete a challenge, following clues and hints hidden throughout the room itself, to solve a mystery, make a discovery, or simply figure out the steps needed to unlock the door and escape.

Houston’s new Quest Shark Adventures has built on the trend, introducing well-crafted, cleverly themed narratives and quests to challenge Houstonians and Houston visitors.

The games themselves are a universal activity, great for any small group of people and ideal for birthday celebrations, corporate team-building exercises, reunions, or other gatherings. Larger groups can also be split up and stage competitions between teams.

5 Things to Know Before You Go to Quest Shark Adventures


  1. It’s fun and genuinely engaging – Quest Shark’s escape room games are fun for families, friends, colleagues, and even individuals joining in group play. Games usually last up to 60 minutes, challenging and working out your brain in new, surprising, and unexpected ways.
  2. You’re not dumb and you can do it – The secret sauce is your collaboration with the rest of your team members. Quest Shark Adventures has already hosted more than 2,000 players in Houston. All of them reported that they had fun, but that they also rose above a basic fear or concern that they would be seen as “not smart enough.”
  3. There are many different types of escape room games and experiences – In the U.S., all such games are called escape rooms, but actually there are numerous types and stories, and are classified differently. Right now, Quest Shark Adventures offers two different experiences. You can compete in a quest game, searching for Salvador Dali’s missing artwork in the Crazy Artist’s Workshop Room. Or you can join in a classic escape game and find your way out of an earthquake-damaged hotel before it collapses in the Hotel’s Secrets Room. Quest Shark Adventures is currently working on additional rooms to expand its number and types of game challenges.
  4. It is not a physical fitness challenge – Everyone wants to be super fit, but it’s not required attribute for escape room success. While the games are a workout for the mind, your body won’t have to do any heavy lifting. And since each room and challenge is unique, you learn something new each time you play.
  5. Games are family-friendly – Kids, infants, and event pets are welcome in Quest Shark Adventures rooms (although pets and infants are less than likely to contribute to the problem-solving). Games are recommended for ages 12 and up, although some of the most effective players have been younger than that. Minors should be accompanied by a parent or guardian, although the accompanying adult isn’t required to play the game.

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Quest Shark Adventures’ Escape Rooms


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