Get out of your shell at Little Woodrow’s 9th season of Turtle Races in Midtown

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Squeal with delight as your turtle races to cross the finish line when Turtle Racing returns to Little Woodrow’s for a ninth season, every Thursday night at 8pm.

Each Thursday evening, Little Woodrow’s turtle master and his wranglers bring a group of feisty turtles into a ring to race in front of hundreds of cheering fans perched on bleachers.

The attraction is the biggest weekly draw hosted by the venue, and one which has grown into Midtown tradition.

Expect hilarity, special drinks, DJ tunes, and more under the Midtown skies.

Photo courtesy of Little Woodrow’s

How The Turtle Races Work

The turtle race track actually has its own bleachers, and its own dedicated bar with 50 beers on tap. Fans pick their winning turtle by selecting the cards with the turtle’s funny names and race numbers.

When it’s race time, Turtle Master Nick Menage picks someone from the crowd to start the race. The chosen volunteer gets to lift a bucket, releasing the group of turtles perched on a central pedestal.

The turtles are surprisingly fast and they scurry away from the pedestal. The first one to reach the outside of a circle on the turtle race mat, wins.

Any fans holding that turtle’s card wins a commemorative koozie. Multiple races are run each night. Fans have their favorites, but turtles have on nights and off nights.

Photo courtesy of Little Woodrow’s

Thursday Night Turtle Racing at Little Woodrow’s Midtown

Photo courtesy of Little Woodrow’s

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