Take a bite out of Paul Kremer’s Hometown Bait at Cardoza Fine Art

Photo courtesy of the artist

Don’t take your eyes off the colorful graphic style of Paul Kremer at Hometown Bait on view at Cardoza Fine Art through Sunday, December 4, 2016.

Featuring works by the Houston-based painter, Kremer has become highly celebrated for his color field painting and minimalist post-painterly abstraction techniques.

Hometown Bait showcases Kremer’s 2014 Google image search screenshot large-scale inkjet prints, his well-known flat acrylic paintings, and a few small drawings on paper.

Kremer is also known for being a founding member of the artist collective “I Love You Baby” and blogger of “Great Art in Ugly Rooms.”

Hometown Bait: a solo exhibition by Paul Kremer at Cardoza Fine Art

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Catherine Gonzalez
Catherine Gonzalez is an arts absorber, administrator, and blogger originally from Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Art History and runs the Bonphilosophia arts blog, where she interviews and documents up and coming artists. In her current role at Houston Arts Alliance she supports online communications as well as all of HAA’s outreach opportunities and volunteer network.