Play ball in a co-ed, no contact twist on Australian Rules Football

Photo courtesy of Houston Lonestars Australian Football Club

Mix it up on and off the field and join the Houston Lonestars Australian Football Club for free Ausball games and beers on select Tuesday nights through Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

Ausball is a co-ed non-contact version of Australian Rules Football, open for both guys and girls. Organized and hosted by the Houston Lonestars Australian Football Club, the weeknight matches held at Trotter Family YMCA west of the Loop are free to join in or simply watch.

Teams are made composed of nine players on each side, facing off in what the Lonestars describe as “Soccer meets basketball meets ultimate frisbee.”

Social Hour Following The Game

After the match, the group celebrates at the Texan-Australian Platypus Brewing on Washington Avenue.

Houston Lonestars members and supporters are a mix of Houston-based folks hailing from Texas, Australia, Canada, Ireland and other football-loving nations.

If you go, wear workout attire and bring running shoes (cleats if you have them). Water will be provided.

No prior play experience is required.

About The Houston Lonestars Australian Football Club 

The Houston Lonestars are group international aficionados of Australian football. Also known as the AFL (after the Australian Football League), “Aussie rules,” and “footy,” the game is a contact sport that puts a Down Under spin on traditional soccer and American football.

The official season lasts from April until October, during with the club competes against teams from cities including Dallas, Austin, Baton Rouge, and Fort Lauderdale. The club encourages interested players to come out and join, and interested families and spectators of all ages are invited to come out and support the team.

Houston Lonestars Australian Football Club’s Ausball Fall Series

Photo courtesy of Houston Lonestars Australian Football Club
Photo courtesy of Houston Lonestars Australian Football Club