Peak behind the veil at a decade of artwork by Analia Saban at Blaffer

Photo courtesy of Blaffer Art Museum

Look back on a decade of Analia Saban’s forensic approach to art with a mid-career retrospective on view at the Blaffer Art Museum through Friday, December 23, 2016.

Tracing 10 years of Saban’s research through 30 works made between 2005 to 2015 this examination of the artist’s past decade offers an inside look into her study of new directions that can arise through the study of art history.

Viewing the landscape of art history as if it was a “murder scene,” Saban peels back the veil to reveal the layers of material histories in her work with painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.

A Decade of Artwork by Analia Saban at Blaffer

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