Find graffiti heaven on the Southside of Houston at Kingspoint Mullet

Collaboration by Daniel Anguilu & Sebastian “Mr. D” Boileau | Photo: Shelbi Nicole

“Do the Southside” and get a look at some of the most visually striking murals and graffiti Houston has to offer at Kingspoint Mullet.

Founded in 2010 by artist Jonathan Estes and located just east of Hobby Airport near Almeda Mall off the Gulf Freeway, the Kingspoint Mullet is Houston’s largest graffiti hotspot.

Consisting of 17,000 square-feet of warehouse space that has been converted into a legal outdoor graffiti gallery, this aerosol utopia was dreamt up when Estes, after purchasing the space, realized the interior rooms in the front could be used as a gallery and the back area for parties.

Per the ’80s haircut slogan, business in the front and party in the back, Kingspoint Mullet was born.

For the past five years, artists have added new legal graffiti to the mullet buildings at an annual Kingspoint Mullet painting event. However, the artists that participate each year can’t just paint over someone else’s work; they have to respect it by “buffing it out,” completely erasing it with a layer of primer, before starting a mural of their own.

The Mullet was created to serve as a legitimate site for artists to hone their craft creating art, and this it most certainly has achieved.

Kingspoint Mullet in South Houston

  • Location: Kingspoint Mullet, 10900 Kingspoint Road, Houston, Texas 77075
  • Hours: Sunup to sundown daily. Please exercise your best judgment when visiting. The nature of the area being free and open to the public means there will be area homeless men and women frequenting the location from time to time.
  • Parking: Free lot parking is available in the surrounding area
  • Admission: Free
Photo: Shelbi Nicole