Watch as 4 French women’s lives collide during The Revolutionists at Main Street Theater

Photo courtesy of Main Street Theater

Take in a ridiculous show set after the onset of the French Revolution with The Revolutionists at Main Street Theater from Thursday, September 29 to Sunday, October 2, 2016.

Lauren Gunderson’s wildly funny, deeply human look at the collision of the lives of four women during France’s Reign of Terror will have you pondering what it means to be connected to someone – or something.

Set during this infamous period of violence and mass executions, playwright Olympe de Gouges, assassin Charlotte Corday, activist Marianne Angelle, and former queen Marie Antoinette plot murder, try to beat back extremist insanity in Paris, and explore how we actually go about changing the world in this irreverent, brutal comedy.

The Revolutionists at Main Street Theater

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