My Top 5: Ozzie Rogers of III Forks Steakhouse

Photo courtesy of III Forks Steakhouse

“Our My Top 5 feature showcases Houstonians who are shaping the culture in the city and impacting people’s lives. In turn, they share their own favorite things to do in Houston when they’re not hard at work. This week, we’re very pleased to feature Ozzie Rogers, general manager of III Forks Steakhouse.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Ozzie Rogers 

  1. Cantina Laredo When I’m in the mood for delicious Mexican food, one place usually pops into my head first and that place is Cantina Laredo on Westheimer at Wilcrest. With a modern take on traditional Mexican food, this location is not just a great place to eat, but also a great place to entertain friends or family. One of my favorite dishes here is the Enchiladas Veracruz. That tomatillo sauce is to die for.
  2. Houston Zoo I am not always in a suit and tie. If I have the time off, I have learned to appreciate all that the Houston Zoo has to offer. I have two grandchildren, Kaleb – 3 and Kayden – 1, who have taught me how to be a kid again at the zoo. The biggest joy that I get from my visits here is getting to see the smiles that are permanently glued to their faces until it is time to go.
  3. Reef I also enjoy adult time here and there on some of my off hours. Reef always impresses and never disappoints me. In my opinion, they have some of the best seafood in town, an amazing wine room with a great wine collection, and not to mention the incredible atmosphere. Seafood is my life, and if I want a great seafood dinner, I always turn to Reef.
  4. Heights Cigar Lounge Everyone has a happy place. Mine happens to be a cigar lounge. Heights Cigar Lounge is not just any cigar lounge. It’s the kind of friendly environment where I can go pick out just about any type of cigar that I can think of, have great conversations with complete strangers or the owner, and walk out with not only a great product but a great experience.
  5. Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar When it’s time to punch out, but I am not ready to go home yet, I can always catch the elevator up to the third floor and unwind at Pete’s Piano Bar. With the variety of sing-a-long live music, being at Pete’s takes me to different time periods in life. I usually get a good laugh at the people who are coming in and celebrating their birthdays and the laughable things the folks at Pete’s will have them do. This is precisely why no one is aware of my birthday.

About Ozzie Rogers

Raised in Dallas, Ozzie Rogers made his way to Houston after working his way up from washing dishes to his current position as general manager of III Forks Steakhouse. Situated in the heart of Downtown, III Forks Steakhouse is a prime steakhouse located in the popular GreenStreet multi-use development. Guests can find Ozzie most evenings in the dining room chatting up guests ensuring that genuine hospitality is being achieved or in the kitchen supervising dishes being served to perfection.

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