Enjoy a home-cooked homage to Texas at State Fare Kitchen & Bar

2. Sharing is Caring

The menu, which is made up by American dishes with a Texan flair, features more than 70 items, including shareable snacks, bowls, plates, sides, sandwiches, various mac ‘n cheese offerings and memorable plates.

Your tastebuds won’t know what hit them once you get a load of feel-good sharables like the house made bbq potato chips served with a dill pickle dip, black bean and bacon dip, and a beautifully garnished Fulton Street-style shrimp cocktail.

You’ll even find high quality takes on guilty pleasures like chili cheese fries and frito pies with Jimmy’s “Texas Red” Beef Chili.

Jimmy’s “Texas Red” Beef Chili Frito Pie | Photo: 365 Things to Do in Houston
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