Marvel at the architecture oddity that is the Palace of the Golden Orbs

Photo: Robert Kimberly

Snap a photo or stare in awe at one of out city’s lesser known hidden gems at Ashford Point’s Palace of the Golden Orbs in Southwest Houston.

Located off Ashford Point near Richmond and better known as the Palace of the Golden Orbs, the Chong Hua Sheng Mu Holy Palace is all that remains of the doomed Tien Tao temple complex.

Intended as the centerpiece of a Hong Kong-based Taoist compound, the group’s leader was denied return to the United States upon a visit to her native country.

Left without local representation, construction of the Holy Palace and the rest of the facilities were put on hold shortly thereafter.

The palace was the only building started on the 11-acre site in Southwest Houston intended for worship, daycare, retail, and residential living.

Although it stands unfinished and abandoned, the gem of a site is mysteriously maintained and free of vandalism and graffiti.

Ashford Point Palace of the Golden Orbs