Shop for oddities & rare antiques at the Place Upstairs in Mid-Main

Photo courtesy of The Place Upstairs

Get a late night shopping experience in Mid-Main full of rare collectables at The Place Upstairs Thursday to Saturday weekly.

Nestled on the second story above the legendary Continental Club, The Place Upstairs boasts a huge selection of oddities and kooky antiques that are sure to make decorative conversation sparkers.

This late night curiosities boutique features a wealth of strange taxidermy, beautiful Victorian purses, weird art, vintage jewelry, primitive medical devices and much more.

Usually open most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30pm to 1am, this kitsch emporium keeps their schedule of late hours up to date on their Facebook page.

If that’s not enough there are several live music venues, fabulous restaurants and bars all within walking distance. Be sure to strike up a conversation with husband and wife owners Laura and Mike who’ll point you in the direction of the deals.

The Place Upstairs Oddities & Antiques

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