My Top 5: Kathryn Lott of Lott Entertainment Presents

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Our My Top 5 feature showcases Houstonians who are shaping the culture in the city and impacting people’s lives. In turn, they share their own favorite things to do in Houston when they’re not hard at work. This week, we’re very pleased to feature Kathryn Lott, co-founder and artistic director of Lott Entertainment Presents.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Kathryn Lott

  1. Houston Dairymaids – I think the happiest place on earth just happens to be located on Airline Drive and it’s filled with cheese! Houston Dairy Maids is this quaint little bungalow that has cheese experts who know everything there is to know about my favorite food on the planet. As if I need any more reason to go to this adorable cheese shop, they tip the scale by having cheese tastings which are totally free. They sell delicious cookies, slow dough baguettes and wine, and it’s only blocks away from my house. Like I said, heaven.
  2. The Catastrophic Theatre – I’ve often said that I don’t think that I could live in Houston if Catastrophic Theatre wasn’t here. Sometimes I need for someone/something to push my boundaries to the point that I feel like there’s a rush of creativity that bursts inside me. When I go to one of their shows, I know that even if it’s not my favorite piece (they can’t all be my favorite) that I’m going to feel stretched. Catastrophic is the Pilates of my creativity.
  3. Alley Theatre – I’ve fallen in love with the new works that the Alley Theatre has been bringing to Houston. They are doing some really special, unique work and I’m loving it. They are also bringing in amazing projects like Remote Houston in partnership with the CounterCurrent Festival (which I am fully immersed in at the moment and wish was year-round). I am hyper-focused on all the brilliance coming from that company and just want more, more, more.
  4. Bright Star Productions – This is a precious gem located just off of Washington that you’ll find me at twice a week minimum – and I always find something new that blows my mind. Now, this isn’t for everyone, but this shop is a warehouse that is filled with the latest lighting equipment, stage makeup (including amazing special effects make up that can impress any Walking Dead fan) and tons of production “toys”. This is another place in Houston that makes my mind go wild with ideas. It doesn’t hurt that they have an incredible staff that will indulge me and all my questions.
  5. The Wine Bar at Underbelly – I have one place in this city that completely erases any of the stresses of the week and that place is the Wine Bar at Underbelly. It’s a place with no rules and after a tough week I do not want rules. I can order one of everything off the menu if I want. I can share or not share. It doesn’t matter if I order something that wasn’t “meant” to go with what I’ve already decided on. In fact, breaking the rules is encouraged. I mean, it’s the best food in Houston if not some of the best food in this country! It just feels like I’m in my favorite living room. Let’s be honest though, it’s the wine list that really beckons me to belly up to the bar and the desserts –Oh. My. God. OK, I just love this place. It’s everything.

About Kathryn Lott

Throughout her theatrical career, Kathryn Lott has successfully acted, produced and directed in some of the most challenging theatrical pieces. Knowing since the age of four that she wanted to ultimately have her own company, Lott spent 15 years soaking up knowledge through her positions as Director of Audience Development at Houston Grand Opera and as Director of Operations at Society for the Performing Arts before co-founding LEP.  As the Artistic Director of Lott Entertainment Presents, she aims to bring art that has either never been presented in Houston or has been grossly under represented. Along with business partner, Allison Lott, she wants to fill a void in her favorite city and enrich the lives of those that crave an original dramatic flare.

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