My Top 5: wine director Marcus Gausepohl

Photo courtesy of Mark's American Cuisine

Our My Top 5 feature showcases Houstonians who are shaping the culture in the city and impacting people’s lives. In turn, they share their own favorite things to do in Houston when they’re not hard at work. This week, we’re very pleased to feature Marcus Gausepohl, wine director of Mark’s American Cuisine.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Marcus Gausepohl

  1. Wired Up Houston – My old roomie and music culture mastermind Bucky started an awesome boutique record/book store. It’s well curated and growing. If I’m looking for a new record or something, he always seems to find me something fresh.
  2. Smith’s Opticians – I get comments on my eyeglasses all the time, and I tell people, “Smith’s.” The place is just great. Located by Houston Community College in Midtown, Smith’s offers a unique and off-the-beaten path eyewear experience. They have three rooms of vintage, vintage modern and modern eyewear. It’s an independent business that I really appreciate.
  3. Walter’s Downtown – A few friends of mine are doing a fantastic job running Walters Downtown. It’s slowly turning into my oasis. Amazing bands, good beer and a record store (Deep End Records) all in one. More people should support this venue and the work they are doing.
  4. 13 Celsius – I’m kind of obsessed with wine bars. For the past nine years or so, every time I travel anywhere in the world, I make it a point to visit a wine bar or two. I always seem to find new wines and make new friends. Out of all the wine bars I have been to, 13 is still in my top three. A great list put together by great people.
  5. Chinatown – It’s hard to understand Houston as a food city without experiencing cuisine here. There are so many fantastic Asian restaurants. Last time I went to lunch in Chinatown, I went to four restaurants. I find it interesting to listen to people explain their obsession with cuisine or being a “foodie” without spending time discovering one of the hundreds of places to eat. Confucius, Sinh Sinh, Tan Tan, Crawfish and Noodles… the list goes on and on. So much deliciousness.

About Marcus Gausepohl

Marcus Gausepohl is a native Houstonian, wine obsessionist and avid traveler. Professionally Gausepohl got his start curating Houston’s first Champagne-focused wine list at a local champagne bar. He then moved to working under Charles Clark at Ibiza Food & Wine Bar where he procured Ibiza’s first award-winning wine list and was able to further understand and focus on the inspiring relationship between wine and food. Now, working alongside Chef Mark Cox at award-winning Mark’s American Cuisine, he is able to offer a more tailored and vibrant dining experience. He has a love for both boutique and classic wines, which is exactly what the wine program at Mark’s reflects. The wine cellar holds over 700 selections with great depth from regions all around the world.

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