Celebrate all things Taiwan at Houston’s free Taiwan Festival

Photo courtesy of Taiwanese Association of America Houston Chapter

Enjoy authentic Taiwanese food, games and entertainment at the Taiwan Festival on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

Modeled after Taiwanese night markets and hosted by the Taiwanese Association of America – Houston Chapter, the 2016 Taiwan Festival brings the food, games, entertainment and culture of Taiwan to Houston for an all-day event.

Admission to the festival is free, and guests can purchase tickets to redeem for food, drinks and games.


Sample delicious Taiwanese fare prepared throughout the festival. Dishes include Taiwanese hamburgers – steamed buns filled with pork belly, herbs, soy sauce, crushed peanut and cilantro; mini red bean wheel pies – thin, crispy pastries stuffed with red beans; oyster omelets – starchy egg omelets with fresh oysters, Asian cabbage and chili sauce; small sausage in big sausage – Taiwanese pork sausage wrapped in sticky rice sausage and chargrilled; and salt and pepper popcorn chicken – marinated chicken battered with yam flour, deep fried and seasoned with Taiwanese salt and pepper mix.


Try your hand at one of the many games traditionally found at Taiwanese night markets.

Go goldfish scooping where you’ll try to catch as many goldfish as you can while using a small circular net, or test your aim when you try to pop a balloon during dart shooting. Play to win a prize at the ring toss or Taiwanese pinball games.


Blending traditional and modern Taiwanese customs, the techno-dancing Third Prince will make an appearance to energize the crowd. His performance combines temple culture with techno music and simple dance moves, so the audience can quickly learn to dance along and join in.

Audiences can also enjoy the live music of Eastern Wind, playing modern Taiwanese pop songs and soft rock inside the community center.

Get a glimpse into the culture of Taiwan’s fourteen aboriginal tribes through outfits, songs and dances. Guests can also check out oiled paper umbrellas that can be purchased for decoration, or take a seat for the glove puppet show.

All entertainment is free.

About the Taiwanese Association of America – Houston Chapter

The Taiwanese Association of America – Houston Chapter, formerly known as the Formosan Club, has grown from 29 Houston-based Taiwanese families to 350 members today.

The organization promotes both Taiwanese and American cultures and ethnic heritages through fellowship, harmony, and community support. In addition to the Taiwan Festival, it also hosts the annual Taiwan Movie Festival, 228 Memorial Music Concert, and various Taiwanese holiday celebrations.

For more information, call 713-271-5885 or stop in their office at 5885 Point West Drive #100, Houston, TX 77036.

Taiwan Festival at Taiwanese Association of America Houston Chapter

Photo courtesy of Taiwanese Association of America Houston Chapter
Photo courtesy of Taiwanese Association of America Houston Chapter

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