My Top 5: Great Day Houston Host Deborah Duncan

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Our My Top 5 feature showcases Houstonians who are shaping the culture in the city and impacting people’s lives. In turn, they share their own favorite things to do in Houston when they’re not hard at work. This week, we’re very pleased to feature Deborah Duncan, host of KHOU 11’s Great Day Houston.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Deborah Duncan

  1. Antique & Thrift Stores – If there’s an antique or junk store (I’m not picky!) I’m stopping in without a doubt. Every part of town offers something a little different from the next. You can find great trinkets and Mexican folk art in the East End. Galveston has pieces that came from settlers from around the world. Lower Montrose has a little bit of everything and The Heights is like stepping back in time. I love unusual things and items that have a story. Just as fun for me, is talking to the people who are selling these items especially when they can share the story of how they came across a certain piece and who possibly owned it. If you’re having a garage sale and I hear about it, don’t be surprised if I’m picking through your stuff.
  2. Miller Outdoor Theatre – This local treasure is such a great reflection of our community. A while back I played the role of Audrey II in the TUTS production of Little Shop Of Horrors. The following week, we were sitting on the hill enjoying a Latin music and dance festival. It’s a great way to experience a slice of our city’s great diversity. Thanks to Houston’s big heart, these events are free!
  3. Houston Urban Farm Company – Have you heard of the Urban Farm? We have some chickens. Besides gathering eggs, I love to just sit and watch them in action. You start to understand phrases like, “pecking order”. It’s very clear that Feathers, the rooster’s babies mama, gets to sleep next to the rooster, Sky, every night. Don’t even think about it ladies or you will get plucked!
  4. Food Truck Tracking – Every now and then, when we have no idea what we want to eat, we get online or just drive around until we find a food truck. We stop, eat, then move on until we’ve had a three course meal about 3 times. You can find the mother load when you stumble upon a Food Truck Festival and Houston has several to choose from.
  5. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – I moved here from Manhattan and the first place I went was The Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo. I sent a great picture back to my friends in New York City and somehow managed to convince them that Freckles was my personal longhorn which I parked in my driveway. I actually rode Freckles in the grand opening. The main attraction for me is the friendships formed and the idea that so many people, strangers at first, can giddy up and get er’ done for a great cause, in such a short span of time.

About Deborah Duncan

Deborah Duncan was raised in a military family with her early years spent traveling from city to city. Her family settled in Texas where Deborah would later enroll at the University of Texas in Austin and earned a degree in Radio-Television-Film. In December 2002, Deborah joined KHOU-TV Channel 11 as an anchor on 11 News This Morning. After six years at the news desk, she moved to the talk show format as host of Great Day Houston. The show, produced locally by KHOU-TV, airs weekdays at 9:00 a.m. on Channel 11. The recipient of many local and national awards for television excellence, including two Emmy Awards, two Gracie Allen Awards and a Telly Award, Duncan is known for her commitment and dedication to community service.

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