My Top 5: writer & comic Antoine Culbreath

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In My Top 5 we highlight Houstonians making an impact on the city’s culture and shares their favorite things to do in their downtime. With the debut of The HOU Show with Mills & Antoine at A Night At Market Square this week, we’re pleased to feature Houston comic and writer Antoine Culbreath. As a bonus, we’re also featuring Culbreath’s HOU Show co-host Mills-McCoin.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Antoine Culbreath

  1. Double Trouble – Whether it’s to wake up or relax, I can get quick drink and a good conversation most times right off the rail.
  2. Rothko Chapel – I like that I can walk in and have a shared experience with strangers without having to talk to them. Silence is Golden.
  3. Houston Zoo – I’ve always enjoyed zoos since childhood, and that will never change even though they don’t have any penguins. I was almost removed from the premises the day I found out.
  4. The Galleria in 2006 – I liked to walk around and people watch. Plus they still had Bennigan’s and the Tilt arcade had a Tekken machine in it.
  5. Hanging out at my House – Sometimes you just have to hard reset from the stresses of life. Come by my place if you would like to do the same.

About Antoine Culbreath

A veteran of the Houston improv and comedy community, Antoine Culbreath has performed at Station Theater and Beta Theater, where he is a member of the house troupe, Beta Max (9pm shows every Thursday at Beta Theater). In addition to being in various sketch and improv comedy casts, Antoine can also be found at The Texas Renaissance Faire every autumn and other renaissance festivals around the state throughout the year. Originally from California, Antoine Culbreath calls Houston “home” because it seems like a fairly sensible abbreviation.

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