Take a shine to The Kenya Project mural in Montrose

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Get the story on The Kenya Project, the girl with glasses mural in Montrose on Marconi and West Gray, a block west of Montrose Boulevard.

Named for the mural’s subject, Kenya Paopao, The Kenya Project was designed and painted by self-taught Houston artist and muralist Natalia Victoria. The mural was officially unveiled on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, although it was completed a few evenings before.

About The Kenya Project Mural

The mural features the earnest face of cancer survivor Kenya Paopao, wearing large pink glasses and set against a bluer-than-blue-sky background that contrasts with her dark wavy hair.

Victoria was commissioned to create the mural by Living + Icon Productions, which aims to celebrate individuals who have championed over adversity and can serve as inspiration to others.

Subject Kenya Paopao with Artist Natalia Victoria | Photo courtesy of Living + Icon Productions


Kenya was chosen as the subject given her own difficult challenges with cancer. After she lost her mother to thyroid cancer, Kenya discovered that her mother’s will stipulated that she also be screened. Tested shortly after her mother’s passing, Kenya discovered was herself diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

In the summer of 2015, after going through treatments and an emotional challenge, she is in remission. The project was envisioned by her friends and loved ones as a celebration of her successes, acknowledgement of her struggles, and message of inspiration to others.

About Living + Icon Productions

Founded by Houston realtor and developer Stathis Kafoglis, Living + Icon Productions aims to create media and entertainment that champions everyday people who overcame extraordinary challenges. It celebrates people who can inspire and encourage others and plans to create other artistic and entertaining tributes in the same vein as The Kenya Project.

The mural was sponsored by Montrose Realty, Kafoglis Enterprises and Smith’s Opticians.

The Kenya Project Mural in Montrose

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