My Top 5: Theater District Houston CEO Kathryn McNiel

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Each week “My Top 5” features a different Houstonian who plays a leading role in shaping the character and flavor of our great city. In turn, they share their own favorite stops, spots and things to do in Houston. This week, we’re pleased to feature Kathryn McNiel, CEO of Theater District Houston, which is celebrating its 22nd annual free Theater District Open House on Sunday, August 30, 2015.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Kathryn McNiel

  1. Da Camera Chamber Music and Jazz – Concerts from the Da Camera Jazz series are always favorite high-points in my calendar. I love jazz standards, and Da Camera brings to Houston such a wide array of talented emerging and established artists. In my book, you couldn’t ask for more access to artists and the jazz scene. Da Camera provides a truly national and international perspective.
  2. Tootsies – Shopping at Tootsies is always a treat — the experience is top notch. The staff has a remarkable ability to help expand your horizons, helping you feel comfortable and beautiful in a way you never imagined, through carefully curated selections.
  3. Allrecords – I love shopping for vinyl at All Records. It never fails that I can walk in with questions about a song I heard on the radio or read about and Fred can supply an answer. He’s a depository of music knowledge and you can get lost for hours sitting on the floor, going through the records stacked all around the shop.
  4. Hermann Park – Nothing beats a walk with my two pups through Hermann Park. The new McGovern Centennial Gardens at Hermann Park are beautiful and the public art is amazing. The dogs are always happy to go the extra mile to discover new things in the Park!
  5. Community Engagement – One of my favorite things about Houston is the ability to be an active participant in civic issues. Participating at any level of community engagement can make a difference. From attending civic club meetings to cleaning up a neighborhood park to helping folks register to vote, I know I can make an impact in Houston through participating in civic engagement.

About Kathryn McNiel

Kathryn McNiel is CEO of Theater District Houston, an organization which boasts nine world renowned performing arts organizations, and many smaller ones, in four venues – Jones Hall, Wortham Theater Center, Alley Theatre and Hobby Center for the Performing Arts – in Downtown Houston. Prior to joining the Theater District, McNiel was well known for her consulting work in civic campaigns and as a leader in Houston community affairs. A Houston native, she earned her masters in public policy from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and an undergraduate degree in political science and psychology from Simmons College in Boston.
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