Dine out for a cause and save during Houston Restaurant Weeks

Experience great meals at more than 200 fantastic restaurants around Greater Houston, save money and support the Houston Food Bank during Houston Restaurant Weeks 2015 from Saturday, August 1 through Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2015. 

During Houston Restaurant Weeks, restaurants offer special two- to four-course menus for $20 to $45 per person. Menus and price vary by restaurants, and many of Houston’s most notable restaurant create a showcase menu of items not normally available at that price. For each meal sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Houston Food Bank, and in turn also support the Galveston County Food Bank and the Montgomery County Food Bank.

Restaurants Participating in Houston Restaurant Weeks

Price Options

The $20 meals feature two to three courses, and $3 of that purchase goes to help the food bank provide nine meals to Houston area people in need. At the $25 level you’ll find a three-course brunch, of which $4 goes to help the food banks provide 12 meals. At the $35 level, meals feature three to four courses and contribute $5 to help the food bank provide 15 meals. Some of the higher end restaurants feature $45 meals, contributing $7 to the food bank for each meal sold. The food bank can provide 21 meals with that $7. All money raised goes directly to feeding hungry Houstonians.

Reservations and Walk-Ins

Reservations are always encouraged, but this year some restaurants are accepting walk-ins for Houston Restaurant Weeks. If you use OpenTable.com to make your reservation, include ‘Request HRW Menu’ in the comments field. You can scan the list of participating restaurants in the map above and click on the restaurant name to see their special menu and whether or not walk-ins are welcome.

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