Put a new spin on your weeknights with Major League Bocce

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Book a weekly weeknight night with friends old and new by signing up for Major League Bocce’s spring season, and enjoy discounted $15 registration.

After emerging onto Houston’s afterwork sports and social scene last year, Major League Bocce returns for the spring season with weekly league play at Brooklyn Athletic Club and Cottonwood.

Registration is open now (and closes on Monday, April 27) for this six-week season that kicks off the first week of May. 365 Houston readers who use promo code DRINK15 will save $15 off their Spring League registration.

Major League Bocce Spring Season 2015

The spring season features six weekly matches at Brooklyn Athletic Club and at Cottonwood in Oak Forest.

Brooklyn Athletic Club will host Tuesday play from Tuesday, May 5 through Tuesday, June 9, 2015. Playoffs will be on Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

On Wednesdays, Cottonwood will host the second league, starting on Wednesday, May 6 and ending Wednesday, June 10, 2015. The Wednesday league’s playoffs will be held at Cottonwood on Wednesday, June 24, 2015.

An end-of-season blowout party will be scheduled for both leagues.

The Game of Bocce – Old and New

Once associated with older Italian gents, the game of bocce has been revitalized. Casual yet competitive, it makes for a great social sport for a number of reasons: men and women are on equal footing, age is not an issue, and no prerequisite athletic ability is required. If you can roll a ball, you can play.

Beyond taking home a win, people join the bocce league to make new friends, play for charity and provide a weekly excuse to get together and play at a favorite local watering hole.

Games last 45 minutes and are played to 14 points. Before, during and following games, league members are invited to enjoy beer and food specials.

Major League Bocce Spring Season 2015

  • major-league-bocce-houston-spring-season-2015Registration Deadline: Monday, April 27, 2015
  • Registration: $60; use promo code DRINK15 to save $15; Click here to register now
  • Season: May and June, 2015


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