Find tasty donuts at 5 spots inside the Loop

Photo: Valerie Reneé via CC

Donuts make us go nuts! Be the hero of the office and stop by these donut shops on the way to work.

Houston has some stellar breakfast food options, but if you’re just looking for a quick sugar rush a donut is always the answer.

5 Great Donut Shops Inside the Loop

  • Christy’s Donuts – Probably the best known donut shop in town, Christy’s opens up early during the week and serves donuts by the many dozen. Grab a jumbo spicy jalapeno kolache while you’re at it. Monday to Saturday, 4:30am to 3:30pm; Sunday, 5am to 3pm. Map it.
  • Not Jus’ Donuts – This EaDo-adjacent shop is a full-on bakery with pretty cakes and cookies, but also serves up downright decadent donuts. Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 6pm; Saturday, 8am to 3pm. Map it.
  • River Oaks Donuts – Even though it’s in a high-priced neighborhood, this family-owned biz doesn’t break the bank. At 99 cents a pop, you can fill up on flavors like cappuccino filled or Fruity Pebbles-topped donuts. Open daily, 6am to 1pm. Map it.
  • Glazed The Doughnut Shop – This 24-hour shop has a frying schedule, so get ’em while they’re hot. Make sure you check the online menu week-to-week for options like butterscotch pretzel and glazed chicken sandwich/heaven. Open all day, every day. Map it.
  • Shipley Downtown – Okay, okay, it’s a franchise, but it’s a go-to spot with classic flavors. And it’s smack dab in downtown, so it’s perfectly located for all you business types needing a pick me-up. Monday to Friday, 6am to 3pm. Map it.