Head north! 5 great mimosas in The Woodlands

Photo: Joe Shlabotnik via CC

Who says the inner loop is the only spot for a fresh mimosa? Get on the 45 and head to The Woodlands for a few stellar options.

Houstonians love a brunch, and whats a brunch without the nectar of the gods a.k.a. mimosas. Perfect for spring and summer sipping, locals order the drink by the gallon. We round up 5 great spots up north in The Woodlands to partake in the downright decadent drink.

5 Great Spots for Mimosas in The Woodlands

  • Grotto Ristorante – The Italian resto pours the citrus-sparkling wine concoction on the weekly for its Sunday brunch, which features a full menu of classic brunch dishes and Italian fare. Sunday brunch, 11am to 3pm. Map it.
  • Cru – Cru uses vintage wine for its mimosas, which can be ordered bottomless for just $9. Keep ’em coming! Sunday brunch, 11am to 3pm. Map it.
  • Hubbell & Hudson – Get your griddles out; little ham and eggs coming up for you. The dual concept restaurant serves up savory brunch specials along with pineapple-infused mimosas that’ll have you sipping happy all day. Plus, it offers a Saturday brunch too! Bistro brunch, Saturday, 11am to 3pm; Sunday, 9am to 3pm. Kitchen brunch, Saturday and Sunday, 7am to 3pm Map it.
  • Churrascos – Known for a beautiful brunch spread, the resto features a fill list of libations, including a snappy mimosa. Saturday and Sunday brunch, 10:30am to 3pm. Map it.
  • Fielding’s Wood Grill – This place offers up a full weekend brunch and five different mimosa options. Choose from pomegranate or grapefruit-infused choices along with classic flavors. Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 3pm. Map it.