My View of Houston: Isabella Del Bello

Photo by Isabella Del Bello

In “My View of Houston,” we feature a local photographer and their interpretation of the city through their lens. This week, we’re very pleased to feature film photographer Isabella Del Bello.

My View of Houston

A young Houstonian hangs off a train car in the east end of Downtown Houston in a portrait from photographer Isabella Del Bello. “It isn’t the most beautiful location Houston has to offer, but it is a very realistic one,” says Del Bello, a film photography enthusiast.

The self-taught Del Bello picked up a camera six years ago, teaching herself the ins-and-outs of film processing and working with a vintage camera. “I’ve lost many rolls of film and great photographs from amateur mistakes, and still sometimes do to this day,” she admits. Del Bello, who is in school to be a Nurse Practitioner, focuses her view on the faces of Houston. “I love transforming someone into their most empowered self and capturing that moment in a photograph so that it can’t be forgotten.”

“Finding the beauty or charm in even the least likely of places, is what photography is all about and Houston is the perfect place to offer that sort of opportunity,” she adds.