Pick up a prickly pear for spring at Cactus King

Photo: Hailie Durrett

Get in the mood for spring and pick up a cactus or two at Cactus King.

Photo: Hannah Anderson

Located along I-45 North rests the aesthetically pleasing Cactus King, a garden nursery complete with rows of sticky cacti and pretty succulents.

Head to any new coffee shop (i.e. Tout Suite) and you’ll see this style of decor replacing typical flower pots and vases. The quirky location also touts some pretty funky photo opps.

Choose from the outdoor garden’s bounty of plants including ones from South America, Mexico, and the Middle East. Start your own nursery and get a six-pack of cacti for $21 or a 12-pack of succulents for $30. Step into the season with a fresh take on floral décor.

Cactus King in North Houston