Sit with the Cool Kids at Korean Foreign Exchange at Bernie’s Burger Bus

Photo Courtesy of SF Chefs via CC

Join other foodies for Bernie’s Burger Bus’ monthly #BerniesAfterDark event on Friday, March 27, 2015, starting at 6pm.

Chef Justin Turner | Photo: Dragana A. Harris

Every month, the Bellaire burger joint hosts a night of one-of-a-kind tastes and a mesh of savory flavors with its #BerniesAfterDark event. This month’s event brings foodie fans a taste of Korea with a touch of personal flare by Chef Justin Turner in collaboration with Chef Matthew Pak of Koagie Hots, Golden Grill and The Burger Joint. This multi-course banchan-style menu will feature a whole lineup of small plates that blends together the unique tastes of the chefs.

Cool Kid’s Table: Korean Foreign Exchange Program