My View of Houston: John Dunaway

Photo: John Dunaway

In “My View of Houston,” we feature a local photographer and their interpretation of the city through their lens. This week, we’re very pleased to feature John Dunaway.

My View of Houston

The Houston skyline is seen from the eastern edge of the city and captured from the lens of photographer John Dunaway. The view can be seen if one parks their ride and treks by foot through sprouting weeds and an untapped plot of land.

John Dunaway | “It isn’t a movie set, its real life and it’ll pass you by if you aren’t taking it in.”

“The noise is rather hushed. It requires 10 minutes of walking from the car to take in this view of the city, but few know about it,” says Dunaway, who daylights as a chief mate for a cargo ship that sails around half the year. The sight must be a welcome one for the explorer, who’s been shooting the last 11 years, and has shifted his focus to the sea since starting his career onboard.

“Houston may be devoid of mountains and entrenched in humidity, but the possibilities of activities are so vast,” adds Dunaway. “This city has grown culturally to allow for these opportunities just as any other major city in the U.S. or world for that matter.” His photos run as photo essays, completed as series.

Admirers of Dunaway’s work who follow his images on Instagram or Tumblr can be expected to be taken on a lyrical and visual journey. “I want my photos to cause people to look around them, realizing just how much life offers for all of us.”

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