Raise funds (and hands) for Numbers Nightclub documentary at Grand Prize Bar

Photo Courtesy of Dinolion

Party with friends and fans, and help raise funds for a documentary about the Montrose nightclub at Grand Prize Bar, tonight, March 5, 2015.

Number Nightclub, home to wacky dance parties, Friday 80s night, and live shows, is getting the star treatment, but needs a little help. Local filmmakers Marcus Pontello, James Templeton, and Jeromy Barber have started a Kickstarter campaign to bring their shared vision to life with a documentary about the club. The film, Friday I’m in Love, is an ode to the neighborhood fixture that has been in business since 1978. Gather with friends at Grand Prize Bar and help donate to the film by cash or check, and dance all night to 80s classics.

Friday I’m In Love Kickstarter Party at Grand Prize Bar