My View of Houston: Katie Harland

Photo: Katie Harland

In “My View of Houston,” we feature a local photographer and their interpretation of the city through their lens. This week, we’re very pleased to feature Katie Harland.

My View of Houston

Candice Moreno takes in the space at Mid-Main record shop Sig’s Lagoon. “I’m really inspired by other artists and friends; intimate moments with people, adventures,” says the picture’s photographer Katie Harland. Harland’s mix of nature shots and portraits of people, meshed together in editing as “mextures,” has earned her some recognition from the Houston photo community, including a space at the recent HCWE exhibition, Thru the Viewfinder.

A portrait of the photographer.
A portrait of the photographer.

Harland uses natural light and surrounding environments around Houston to inspire herself, especially in the city’s unpredictable weather. “I love that Houston is the kind of place where you can wake up to a foggy morning and end it with a beautiful, colorful sunset,” she notes. “The sunrises aren’t bad either.”