Ride out the cold at 5 cozy coffee shops in Montrose

Photo courtesy of Blacksmith

Escape the cold and get things done at one of Montrose’s five most charming (and warm) coffee shops.

We have it pretty nice in Houston as far as winters go. It could be 78 and sunny one minute, then rainy and a little dreary the next. But with most of the nation under snowfall we should be thanking our lucky stars our version of the cold apocalypse means just dipping under 40 degrees for a spell. Until the Polar Vortex ends its reign over Houston this week, stop by these cozy coffee shops in Montrose for a warm respite.

5 Cozy Coffee Shops In Montrose

  • Blacksmith – Small in size, but big in taste, Blacksmith not only touts a stellar java profile, but also dishes up downright decadent breakfast sandwiches and biscuits. Try the bacon, egg, and cheddar croissant, available for breakfast or lunch. Open daily, 7am to 5pm. Map It.
  • Agora – A haven for the neighborhood’s hipster elite, Agora layers on the cozy, literally. As a house-turned-coffee shop, the two-story affair is great for catching up on philosphy papers or nursing finals. Open daily, 9am to 2pm. Map it.
  • Siphon  With ambient natural lighting pushing through the ample glass outline, this clean-cut addition to the old neighborhood houses a cozy charm perfect for long hauling it through the day. Siphon also offers hot sandwiches in addition to its unique in-house namesake, the siphoned drip coffee. Open Monday through Friday, 7am to 10pm, Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 10pm. Map it.
  • Southside Espresso  Tucked behind trendy Uchi off Westheimer, Southside makes the list as the smallest coffee house. Plant down (if there’s room) for a cup of joe, roasted locally. Open 6:30am to Midnight, Monday through Friday, 7:30am to Midnight, Saturday, and 7:30am to 7pm, Sundays. Map it.
  • Black Hole  Filled with eclectic Lindsay Lohan photos and midcentury mod furnishings, Black Hole is a coffee standby. Go here to spot local musicians and fellow classmates alike, and to hunker down with a long list of assorted espresso drinks. Open daily, 6:30am to Midnight. Map it.