Help dismantle the Funnel Tunnel in Montrose

Photo: 365 Houston

Head over to Art League Houston to help break down Montrose’s beloved Funnel Tunnel, created by Houston artist Patrick Renner, on Sunday, February 8, 2015 from 10am to 3pm. 

Houston’s loss is New Orleans’ gain. The popular and funky tunnel winding through the trees on a Montrose esplanade is packing up and heading to the Big Easy. Created by Patrick Renner, the Funnel Tunnel will be reassembled on New Orleans’ Poydras Street, as part of a project to bring attention to the visual arts and artists of the city’s post-Katrina identity. Local New Orleans artists will assist in the install the tunnel on a Poydras Street median.

At Sunday’s Funnel Tunnel Break Down, volunteers will assist in removing the brightly painted strips of wood from the artwork. All participants will be invited to keep one strip of wood to commemorate the Funnel Tunnel.

About the Funnel Tunnel

Although the city is loosing a beloved piece of art that’s quickly become a staple landmark in quirky Montrose, the piece was always intended to be a temporary installation. Commission by Art League Houston, it was completed in August 2013 and due to remain for nine months, the maximum legal limit for structures on a city median. Through luck, hard effort, persistence and cooperation, the exhibit managed to remain on display for more than twice that time.

Read more about the Funnel Tunnel and its creator Patrick Renner. 

Funnel Tunnel Break Drown