My Top 5: Tequila Entrepreneur Robert Tijerina

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At the start of every week, we shine the spotlight on one of Houston’s entrepreneurial and creative residents in “My Top 5.” In turn, they tells us about their own favorite things to do in and around the city. This week Robert Tijerina, owner of Priority One Aviation and founder of Titanium Tequila, tells about his favorite activities and destinations across the greater Houston area. 

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Robert Tijerina

  1. NASA – Born and raised in Houston all my life, a favorite pastime for me is heading to NASA. My family has a big connection to them. My father, Raul Tijerina, spent many years working for NASA and I can remember as a child that I loved anything associated with space. Houston played such an important and historical role in the World’s space race. I’m really excited for the upcoming Soyuz launch in March of 2015, when a close friend will be the first American setting a record for the longest amount of time in space.
  2. Houston Sports – I really enjoy all of the sports venues Houston has to offer.  I like attending as many Houston sporting events as possible, but football season is here and I’m always ready to cheer on the Texans and do some tailgating. NRG Stadium is the best sports arena around. It is the first stadium with a retractable roof and holds up to 71,500 screaming Texan fans.
  3. Running Trails – A great hobby of mine is staying fit by running various trails in Houston. I mainly find myself running in Clear Lake City these days, near my home. One of my main trails is located along the Bay Oaks golf course where there are plenty of shady trees alongside a beautiful open field. Running, walking and exercising in general is extremely beneficial to your body, for instance it relieves stress,  increases brain activity, reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimers.
  4. Dining and Nightlife – Houston, being as large as it is, has an incredible and diverse dining and nightlife experiences with various choices of entertainment. I feel so lucky to be in a city that is growing so fast and attracting top chefs from across the country. So many incredible chefs make Houston a truly culinary carnival of a city. I find myself rarely staying at home for dinner! So many great restaurants in Houston that its impossible to name all the ones I frequent but a few favorites include El Tiempo, Vic & Anthony’s, Liberty Kitchen, Cadillac Bar, Suzie’s Enchilada Kitchen, Ibiza, La Griglia, Brasserie 19 and many more.
  5. Galveston Getaways – Living in Clear Lake, it’s much closer for me than most people and I take advantage of that by making periodic visits throughout the year. With so much history along with incredible restaurants and hotels, I never get bored there. Gulf seafood is one of my favorite cuisines and there is never a shortage of restaurants that serve fine seafood. In Galveston I always make a stop at Willie G’s, Saltwater Grill, Rudy & Pacos and Farley Girls for their great atmosphere, great chefs and consistently new and creative dishes. It’s worth the drive!

About Robert Tijerina

Houston-born Robert Tijerina owns Priority One Aviation, a well-known international aircraft brokerage and acquisition firm. He also launched Titanium Tequila in 2011 to create a tequila that respected the traditions of fine tequila production. Produced in Jalisco, Mexico, Titanium uses only the highest quality of agave available in the highlands of Jalisco, an estate which is so precious that it carries a government ‘Declaration of Protection’ on the land, conserving it from any outside influences. A careful and detailed process is used to ensure that the final taste is silky-smooth, imparting true agave flavors including, citrus, green tea, apple and cucumber.

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