Show your tail feathers at Clay’s Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Clay's Restaurant

Indulge in some comfort food while your kids play at Clay’s Restaurant, a northwest Houston eatery and children’s entertainment venue.

Clay’s is a sprawling restaurant with a laid back Texas flair. The rustic ambiance and large outdoor and patio seating just beg the patrons to order a icy beverage. The sand pit and animals provide the entertainment for the kids and make that icy beverage relaxing for parents. When you arrive at Clay’s you’ll find ample parking in the gravel lot. Even for the most crowded events, parking is available. Clay’s is one of the hybrid “order at the counter but you still have a sever who will close out your open tab” type of places. If’ you’re new to this growing category, don’t worry. They will walk you though it.

You will not leave hungry with their gut-busting portions and bottomless refills. Clay’s Houston started as a burger in the 80s, so if’ you are a loss for what to order in their extensive menu, stick to the basics and you won’t be disappointed.

Besides this menu, we go to Clay’s for the entertainment value for our kids. The huge lawn in the middle of the outdoor seating area provides for plenty of space for running, soccer, ring around the rosie, or whatever floats your kids’ boats. And the sand pit… Clay’s legendary sand pit. You might consider bringing a change of clothes for the kids who love to do sand angels because there is plenty of space for kinds to romp in this pit.

We haven’t even mentioned the animals yet. Ponies, peacocks, rabbits, goats and chickens. Oh my! Bring quarters for the pellet machine and your kids can feed the animals. Don’t worry, there is also hand sanitizer available outside. Pony rides are usually available for five dollars. There has been some construction to the outdoor area recently and the area that usually houses the pony rides have been off limits. The ponies are still there and loved to be petted and fed, though.  Just call ahead before you promise that ride to your little one to be sure you can fulfill.

Clay’s Restaurant

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