Marvel with sheer delight at Frogz!

Photo courtesy of Imago Theatre

Laugh despite your grumpiest of intentions at a free showing of the hard-to-define smash hit Frogz! at Miller Outdoor Theatre on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 6:30pm.

Oregon-based Imago Theatre’s unusual, comedic and charming production Frogz! has delighted audiences around North America. Performers don sometimes-elaborate-sometimes-simple costumes and perform mesmerizing bits feature that the titular frogs, along with alligators, iguanas, penguins, a giant baby and who knows what else.

Photo courtesy of Imago Theatre

Imago Theatre draws inspiration from a wide variety of artistic mediums—including vaudeville, comedy and illusion—to construct surreal landscapes through movement and sound.

The New York Times raved, “Theater like this opens the eyes to the possibilities of exploration in the vast realm of imagination.”

The smash hit Frogz! effortlessly weaves mime, dance and acrobatics into a must-see spectacle for the entire family.

Or think of it this way: it feels sort of captivating, like an Eastern European version of the Muppet Show, with no talking, singing or actual Muppets. Bizarre, amazing and delightful.

Frogz! at Miller Outdoor Theatre

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