Explore the winding paths and planters at Mandell Park

Photo courtesy of BigKidSmallCity

by Jill Jarvis | BigKidSmallCity

Check out the organic gardens and winding paths amid new planters at Mandell Park on Richmond in Houston’s Museum District. 

​Ten years in the making, one Houston neighborhood turned a wasteland into an urban oasis.

Mandell Park, in the Museum District, used to be a place where old sofas were dumped and neighbors steered clear. The residents decided to take action and turned the space into organic gardens.

With ten more years of hard work and fundraising, the residents turned the old lot into a neighborhood park with paths, planters, organic gardens and a space for all to enjoy.

Mandell Park is a perfect place for a picnic with your family. There is no playground, but kids enjoy using their imaginations as they wonder through the easy-to-supervise paths.

Watch the Friends of Mandell Park’s Facebook page for upcoming family and community events.

Mandell Park


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