Experience 100 years of Texas history at Texian Market Days

Photo courtesy of George Ranch Historical Park

Surround yourself in more than 100 years of living Texas history at the Texian Market Days Festival at the picturesque George Ranch on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 9am to 5pm.

Cannons will be blazing at the 31st annual edition of the Texian Market Days Festival, which brings more than a century of Texas history to thrilling reality. Visitors of all ages arriving at the naturally beautiful George Ranch Historical Park will be stunned by depth of activities, recreations and occurences.

The single-day event is packed with exciting receations of historic battles, art vendors, sports and games, historic home tours, culinary treats, livestock encounters, cowboy demonstrations, vintage vehicles, costumed interpreters and more.

Celebration of Texas Heritage

Events and activities are Texian Market Days represent a diverse collection of things that shaped Texas as it is today.

Visitors can inspect historic weaponry such as Brown Bess muskets, Kentucky rifles and assorted period knives. You’ll be hard-pressed to miss the lively demonstrations of cannons and calvary drills, gunsmithing, frontier survival and even cornbread-making.

Expect an old-fashioned medicine show, a vintage baseball game played by the Houston Babies and Katy Combines, vintage vehicles including a 1923 Model T Touring Car and a 1937 Ford Coupe on display, a rustic shelter of refuge for ranch cowboys, and much more.

George Ranch Historical Park

George Ranch itself is a tribute to the days of Texas past, offering the perfect setting for genuine historical displays and authentic recreations of state history.

An internationally recognized living history site, George Ranch Historical Park takes pride in accurately preserving and interpreting the story four generations of a Texas family. The story begins in 1824 and spans more than 100 years.

With historic homes, costumed interpreters and livestock yearround, the 483-acre park is nestled within a working 20,000-acre ranch. It serves to teach people of all ages about Texas history and what real life was like in centuries past.

31st Annual Texian Market Days Festival

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