Get splattered in fake gore at Evil Dead: The Musical

Photo courtesy of Stage Door, Inc.

Grab your seat for the hilariously campy Evil Dead: The Musical, and prepare to get splattered with stage blood, at Stage Door Inc.’s annual production running from Friday, October 17 to Saturday, November 1, 2014.

The production combines the best parts of Sam Raimi’s ’80s cult-film empire into one of the craziest theatrical experiences in Houston.

After five college students visit a cabin in the woods, they accidentally unleash an evil force of zombies. But rather than terror, the production lets loose with upbeat musical numbers, slapstick comedy, horrible puns from a tongue-in-cheek demon and some very sadistic trees.

The entire theater lies in a splatter zone, so expect the onstage mayhem to bleed out into the audience, literally. Stage blood will be liberally sprayed and unleashed on the audience members. Think of it like a front row seat at Sea World, but with zombies, fake gore and no dry seats in the house.

The theater will be selling zombie survival kits for $5, which includes a poncho, ziplock bag and other items to protect your clothing and belongings. However, we advise wearing an old t-shirt and jeans or shorts that you’re ready to let go.

This production is for adults ages 18 and up only.

Evil Dead: The Musical at Stage Door Theater

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