Dig in to Houston Restaurant Weeks at Nara Sushi + Korean Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Nara Sushi + Korean Kitchen

Enjoy modern Korean cuisine in the beautiful, upscale Nara Sushi and Korean Kitchen at West Ave during Houston Restaurant Weeks, happening through Monday, September 1, 2014.  

This month we’re taking a closer look at some of the special meals being served up across Houston during Houston Restaurant Weeks 2014. Today, we caught up with Nara Sushi and Korean Kitchen’s executive chef and owner Donald Chang and compiled a quick dossier on his special HRW dinner.

Danton’s is also offering a $20 lunch menu during Houston Restaurant Weeks.

Restaurant: Nara Sushi and Korean Kitchen
Houston Restaurant Weeks Dinner Menu:
  • First Course – Choice of mini Nara salad, avocado miso soup or spicy seaweed salad.
  • Second Course – Choice of Korean fried chicken grilled boa, cold smoked Japanese hamachi ponzu or Spicy Korean kimchi pork jowl tofu.
  • Third Course – Choice of surf and turf, chef’s sushi selection or spring bum risotto.
  • Fourth Course – Choice of green tea tiramisu, assorted mochi ice cream or banana bailey milk chocolate cake.
Price: $45

For every dinner sold, $7 goes to support the Houston Food Bank.

Donald Chang on including Avocado Miso Soup on the Menu:

“It was one of my first original dishes created for the original Nara back in 1996.”

Donald Chang on the Creation of the Dish:

“The miso avocado soup is made from white miso and avocado, topped with fried sweet onions, tobiko, and cilantro. It’s great that everyone enjoys and loves a little bit of old school!”

Nara Sushi + Korean Kitchen

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